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Mayo Dental Uses State-of-the-Art Technology in Edgewater, MD

Mayo Dental uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure our Edgewater, MD patients receive excellent dental care. Thanks to modern dentistry’s new, high-tech equipment, treatments are more comfortable, efficient, and convenient. Many of our patients enjoy shorter, less painful recovery periods as a result. Should you ever have a question or concern about the technology we have to offer, please contact us.

ultra sonic scaler

Ultrasonic Scalers Lift & Remove Tough Surface Stains

Using high-frequency waves, ultrasonic scalers allow us to lift and remove even the toughest stains from the surface of your teeth. Dr. Keer uses a piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler because it’s more comfortable and effective when compared with traditional hand scalers. It’s also fully adjustable for sensitive teeth.

laser dentistry tool

Laser Dentistry Makes Treatments Faster & Comfortable

Dr. Keer uses soft-tissue lasers, including the Gemini™ diode laser, to treat gum disease and perform other minor surgical procedures, making patient treatment faster and more comfortable.

digital x-rays

Digital X-Rays Are Faster & Emit Less Radiation

Digital x-rays are faster and emit about 80% less radiation than standard x-rays. Dr. Keer uses Schick Elite sensors for more accurate diagnosis and treatment, aiding in the early detection of cavities and the planning of surgical procedures.

intraoral camera

Intraoral Cameras Provide a Live Image Feed for Patients

See your teeth from a new perspective thanks to our SOPROLIFE intraoral cameras, which show a live image feed of the inside of your mouth. Our intraoral cameras take photos and videos to help detect cavities invisible to the naked eye. The autofluorescence technology of SOPROLIFE helps Dr. Keer treat her patients more accurately and effectively.

panoramic x-rays

Panoramic X-Rays Allow Us to See the Full Scope of Your Mouth

Digital panoramic x-rays give us a two-dimensional, panoramic view of your mouth. This technology allows Dr. Keer to see the entire scope of your mouth in just one x-ray!

CEREC machine

Convenient Same-Day Dental Crowns Using CEREC®

Dr. Keer uses her CEREC® machine to make same-day dental crowns for you. It allows us to practice conservative but convenient dentistry for our patients.

dentapen electronic dental syringe

The Dentapen Electronic Dental Syringe for Painless Injections

Dr. Keer uses an electronic dental syringe called a Dentapen to provide painless injections for our patients. Please come and see the difference it makes in our everyday practice!


DentaPure® Water Filtration System

Dr. Keer uses the DentaPure® water filtration system to purify the waterline used to rinse your mouth during dental checkups and procedures in our office. This reduces harmful bacteria exposure for both our patients and our staff. Containing isotopic iodine, DentaPure® doesn’t contain any proteins, making it safe and reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction.


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