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We Treat Dental Cavities

Cavities are by far the most common cause of toothaches. Dental cavities are holes in the tooth that are caused by bacteria, which break down the tooth structure. As the bacteria breaks down the tooth, it becomes easier for them to cause further infection. Without treatment from our Edgewater dentists, a simple cavity can affect the root, which may require further, more extensive procedures.

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Do You Have a Tooth Ache?

Treatment for cavities include the following:

  • Regular dental cleaning
  • Dental fillings with our mercury-free composite filling
  • Root canals if necessary

Prevention of cavities is always the best treatment, so we advise our patients to brush and floss daily, drink fewer sugary drinks, and have a glass of water after drinking acidic drinks. At Mayo Dental, we can detect cavities during your routine visits and advise you on further steps for treatment. Contact us at 410-956-6626 if you are having a toothache and would like to schedule an appointment.

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