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Edgewater Oral Surgery & Endontonics

Root canals may be necessary if a tooth was not repaired in time to preserve the root. In order to prevent further damage, the root must be cleaned, sealed, and filled before a crown is placed. Another type of procedure we offer is tooth extractions for cases where routine therapy will not work.

Root canals and extractions are never a comfortable experience, but our friendly and welcoming staff can make it a little easier. At Mayo Dental, we have over 10 years of experience and work hard to make your procedures as painless as possible. We are able to do root canals and extractions on all your teeth, with the exception of the 3rd molar in many cases.

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Don’t Wait Any Longer to Repair Your Damaged Teeth!

Root canal therapy involves three stages:

  • The first appointment is for pulpotomy, which is the first phase of the root canal.
  • A second appointment is for sealing and filling of the roots.
  • A third appointment involves rebuilding the base of the tooth for crown placement.

Learn more about post op our procedures and symptoms or contact us at 410-956-6626 if you are in need of our surgical services, or simply want a free second opinion.

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