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Periodontal Disease & Maintenance in Edgewater

Are you looking for an Edgewater dentist who has experience with periodontal disease? With education and experience in periodontal services, our dentists can offer advanced periodontal care for whatever your needs may be. Periodontal disease affects the gums, which are intricately involved with your teeth and oral health. Without proper maintenance, the gums can become inflamed and painful. This can lead to further oral health issues as it becomes painful to practice good oral hygiene.

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Maintain Your Oral Health!

You can prevent periodontal disease by doing following:

  • Daily brushing
  • Daily flossing
  • Correct and thorough brushing
  • Routine dental cleanings

Our dentists can remove any plaque or other build up the can sit between your gum and your tooth. By removing all this, we can help prevent the inflammation that leads to pain, bleeding, and further tissue breakdown. If your gums are tender or bleeding, or if you have any concern about periodontal disease, contact us at 410-956-6626 today.

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