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Edgewater, MD’s Orthodontic Treatment Specialists

The specialists at Mayo Dental have spent years providing oral care services for patients of all ages, including adolescents and adults who suffer from malocclusion. This is when your teeth are not correctly positioned when you close your mouth, causing an improper bite. Your jaw could be affecting it as well. Our Edgewater, MD office offers orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and give you a proper bite. For patients with issues like crossbite, underbite, overbite, gaps, or crowding, we can repair those problems using devices designed specifically to gradually move your jaw and teeth into their correct positions. It’s important to fix these problems to avoid further dental issues in the future that could be more expensive to repair the damage.

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Options for Orthodontic Treatment

We use a variety of appliances to correct the alignment of your teeth, and the specialists at Mayo Dental will determine which is appropriate for your condition. There are fixed and removable appliances available, including:

Braces: Braces consist of brackets adhered to the teeth, wires to gradually apply pressure to move the teeth into position, and bands to hold the wires. They’re the most common of fixed appliances. Braces are provided using either Six Month Smiles or Clear Correct.

Fixed Space Maintainers: For baby teeth that are lost prematurely, space maintainers keep that space open until the child’s permanent teeth come in. They use a band on the tooth adjacent to the vacant space and extend a wire to the tooth on the opposite side.

Special Fixed Appliances: These appliances attach to the teeth using bands, and they control tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. We recommend these as a last resort since they’re very uncomfortable when a child eats.

Removable Retainers: Retainers prevent the teeth from shifting back to their previous positions and fit on the roof of your mouth. We can also modify them to prevent thumb sucking for children.

Headgear: Headgear uses a face box, or metal wire, at the front of your head, and a strap goes around the back of your head and attaches to the face bow. This hinders the growth of your upper jaw and keeps the back teeth in position while the front teeth get pulled back.

Orthodontist in Edgewater

If you or your child needs orthodontic treatment to fix the alignment of your teeth, give us a call today. We’ll ensure you get the right care for your dental issues, and we offer free second opinions.

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